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城市發展和 SDG 14 保育海洋生態 Urbanization and SDG14 Life Below Water(1)

SDG 14 目標: 保護和永續利用海洋和海洋資源,促進永續發展。

Goal of SDG 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

香港野外水域總共有約 6000 種海洋生物,當中包括小丑魚、藍倒吊、黃倒吊等等你以為只能在室內水族館看到的魚類其實本身也能在野生的海域裡找到。 但是人類的滋擾令到香港大部分的水域都受到污染,例如興建碼頭和渡海小輪都令維多利亞港已經受到污染,令惜日清澈的海港一去不復返,海底生物都被影響了。




SDG 14 講求保育海洋,令海洋生物和人類發展能夠共存。你又想到有什麼方法能夠一起達至可持續發展呢?

There are around 6,000 types of marine animals inhabiting the underwater world. Clownfish, Blue tang and Yellow tang are common in indoor aquariums but they could be found wild too!

Victoria Harbor was once so clear and clean and a lot of different marine creatures could be found there. However, human infrastructures along the coastline such as piers and reclamation, and human activities like the ferry services introduced different kinds of pollution to the Victoria Harbor. Clear water is not present anymore and marine lives have been affected as well.

Other human activities like burning of fossil fuel for energy use and excessive use of chemical fertilizers are also affecting marine creatures. Fossil fuel combustion emits carbon dioxide and causes ocean acidification when it dissolves. Extra fertilizers cause eutrophication or “red tide” when they run off to a bigger water body. They cause algal species to bloom and to take up oxygen and nutrients from other marine life.

Luckily we can still find clear water on the east side of the city like Sai Kung but we will have to protect it before it turns into another polluted area!

SDG 14 focuses on conserving the ocean and making human development and marine lives coexist.

Will you join us to help conserve the marine environment ?

Photo Credit : SvenBachstroem

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