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城市發展和 SDG 15保育陸域生態 Urbanization and SDG 15 Life on Land

SDG 15 目標: 保育和永續利用陸域生態系統,永續管理森林,防治沙漠化,防止土地劣化,遏止生物多樣性的喪失。

Goal of SDG 15 : Protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.



SDG 15 著重保育及維護生態領地,可見以前的發展缺少了照顧這一環。希望日後的發展都能考慮這一方面,令人類發展和生態能夠並存,亦能令我們的下一代都享受到生物多樣性

The view of the Victoria Harbor is stunning, isn’t it? However, all those towers and other human infrastructures not only destroy the habitat of the wildlife but also introduce different kinds of pollution to the environment and cause land degradation. The land quality will never be able to be back to how it was.

With loss of habitat, wildlife animals are forced to move away and may result in death and extinction. Hence a decrease in biodiversity.

SDG 15 focuses on protecting, restoring and promoting sustainable use of our ecosystem, achieving sustainability by balancing human development and the environmental aspect. Hope our future development will not interfere with our nature like how it did so our next generation can also enjoy biodiversity.

Photo Credit: Mark Lehmkuhler

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