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城市農業和 SDG 2 消除飢餓 Urban Farming and SDG 2 Zero Hunger

SDG 2 的目標 : 消除飢餓,實現糧食安全,改善營養狀況和促進永續農業。

Goal of SDG 2 : End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

城市農業例如天台耕作是實現 SDG 2 的好方法。 SDG 2 其中一個目標之一是保持基因多樣性,一種同種個體間的多樣性,例如蘋果有分紅蘋果和青蘋果。

由於商業農業生產的農民用一大片原本有不同植物種類的土地來種一種大利潤的農作物。這令農作物的基因種類大減。自上個世紀以來,所有農作物的基因多樣性已經喪失75% 。例如粟米的種類由307種減至12種。啟動城市農業可以減少對商業農業的依賴,從而保持基因多樣性。

Urban farming like farming on a rooftop is a great way to achieve the goal of SDG 2 as one of the targets is to maintain genetic diversity, the variety within crops.

Commercial farmers always scrape off a large piece of land to grow one identical cash crop that can be sold with good money. Years went by, genetic diversity has significantly decreased, 75% of all crop genetic diversity has been lost since the previous century. For example, we used to have 307 types of corn and now we only have 12.

Starting urban farming can reduce the reliance on commercial farming and hence protect genetic diversity.

Photo Credit: SoQ錫濛譙

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