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K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park and SDG 15 保育陸域生態 Life On Land

SDG 15 的目標 : 保育和永續利用陸域生態系統,永續管理森林,防治沙漠化,防止土地劣化,遏止生物多樣性的喪失。

Goal of SDG 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

香港有 200 種蝴蝶,保護它們和生物多樣性都是我們的責任!保護它們最自然方法是為它們提供合適的棲息地。 K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park就利用了空間種植了不同的本地植物物種,例如 有翅決明、馬纓丹、黃牛木等香港本土植物。這些是本地蝴蝶和毛蟲的蜂蜜和寄主植物

這也有助於實現SDG15 的目標之一,保護我們的生物多樣性。香港雖然比英國小 200 倍,但我們的生物多樣性就比較高。您會和我們一起開始保護環境,從而保護生物多樣性嗎?

Hong Kong has 200 types of butterflies and it is our job to protect them and our biodiversity! The most natural way to protect them is to provide them a right habitat. K11 MUSEA Nature Discovery Park utilizes the space to cultivate different native plant species, the ones that are indigenous to Hong Kong, like Winged Cassoa (有翅決明), Lantana (馬纓丹) and Yellow Cow wood (黃牛木). These are also the honey and host plants of local butterflies and caterpillars.

This also helps achieve one of the targets of SDG 15, to protect our biodiversity. Hong Kong is 200 times smaller than the United Kingdom but our biodiversity is higher. Will you join us to start conserving the environment and hence biodiversity?

Photo Credit: Sek Keung Lo

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