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Nature Discovery Park 的介紹 Introduction of Nature Discovery Park

K11 MUSEA 裡的Nature Discovery Park是香港首個室內外自然教育博物館,旨在促進本地城市生物多樣性和倡導可持續發展。創始人鄭志剛先生將 K11 MUSEA 打造為文化矽谷,為藝術、人與自然提供自然身臨其境的影響力體驗。有鑑於此,K11 MSUEA 展示了新世界可持續發展願景 2030 的整合,並策劃了可持續旅程。自然探索公園傳播可持續的生活方式和文化,主要分為海洋、陸地、天空和藝術。

Nature Discovery Park in K11 MUSEA is Hong Kong’s first indoor and outdoor nature education museum to promote local urban biodiversity and advocate sustainability. The founder, Mr. Adrian Cheng, shapes K11 MUSEA as a Silicon Valley of Culture for naturally immersive and influential experiences of art, people and nature. In light of this, K11 MSUEA demonstrated the integration of New World Sustainability Vision 2030 and curated a sustainable customer journey. Nature Discovery Park propagates a sustainable lifestyle and culture which are mainly divided into Sea, Land, Sky and Art.

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