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SDG 13 氣候行動 Climate Action

SDG 13 目標 : 採取緊急行動應對氣候變遷及其衝擊

Goal of SDG 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


SDG 13氣候行動強調提高環保意識,將其轉變為環保行動,這也是和富社企想達到的目標之一,讓更多人發現問題,鼓勵大家與我們一起行動。 這裡有一些提示,你們都可以一起做!

  • 跟隨環保3Rs, Reduce減少使用, Reuse物盡其用, Recycle 循還再造

  • 改用在生產過程中不使用對環境有害的化學品的有機產品

  • 減少能源使用,例如在不使用時關燈

  • 少吃肉,因為它在生產過程中排放的溫室氣體比植物多。

After knowing how human activities interfered with the natural habitat and harmed the wildlife, we hope all of you can rethink and alter your habit and minimize the negative impacts on the environment.

SDG 13 Climate Actions emphasizes on raising environmental awareness and switching it to environmental actions. This is one of the targets of Wofoo Social Enterprises too, to let more people identify the environmental problems and to encourage all of you to take actions with all of us. Here are some tips that you all can do!

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Switch to organic products that do not use chemicals during the production that harms the environment

  • Limit energy usage like turning lights off when you do not use it

  • Eat less meat, as it emits more greenhouse gases during the production than plants.

Photo Credit : Fondo Andaluz de Municipios para la Solidaridad Internacional (FAMSI)

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